Monday, June 1, 2009

Writing Challenge

I signed up to do a writing challenge with a few of my fellow Midnight Seduction Authors, 25k in 30 days. Why? Well... (she replies looking down at her feet and kicking at a loose pebble) because I need a kick in the pants when it comes to my writing lately and I'm hoping this will do it. The challenge starts today and I'll be checking in here with my stats every Wednesday and then on the 30th to let you know if I did it or not. Here's the low down of what I hope to get done this month.

5k- Short for anthology
5k-Vampire Short another anthology
10k- Finish Paranormal Full length
4k- Free Read
1k- Rewrites(I hope this counts)

So that's my 25k hopefully I'll be able to do it. Feel free to cheer, jeer and harass me.

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