Thursday, June 18, 2009

Writing Challenge update #3

Ok I forgot to post yesterday. Ya'll can spank me later.
I had to take my daughter for kindergarten screening and then do some errands. I couldn't believe the stuff they wanted kids to know BEFORE they entered school. I used to think that, that was what school was for teaching kids, but now not so sure.
Any way update 104. Which is kinda sucky, but I finished a short I've been working on for a awhile. So it's not so bad. While it wasn't on my intended list of works, my muse seemed to want to work on it and I figure as long as I'm writing something. Now it's back to rewrites from hell. Another short that's got serious issues. If I hadn't magically managed to get it contracted I'd throw the damn thing in the trash and be done with it. But I did and that means fixing it till the pubs happy. Somebody shoot me... Please!
Ok Final tally for June- 1269


Qwillia Rain said...

good for you Jade.
As for the Kindergarten Prescreening, yeah, kids are actually supposed to be coming into Kindergarten already recognizing letters, capable of spelling their first and last name and being able to count to ten or twenty.
the reeasons for this are centered around standardized testing.
Okay, I'll shut up now and lock away the teacher in me!!


Jade Twilight said...

Thanks Qwillia.
I don't know it just seems a lot to throw at kids. It's just I think kids should get to have fun and be kids for as long as they can.