Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Writing Challenge Update 1

So it's Wednesday and as promised my first update on the writing challenge 475 words. Talk about a slow start I had dreams of being at at least 2k today. On the plus side at least I am writting again. Guess I need to be realistic with two kids, house work, and every thing else I have going on it's amazing I got that much written.

Which reminds me, if your not busy tomorrow stop by the eXcessica yahoo group around 1pm EST to chat with me and some other great authors. I'll be talking about my eXcessica release The Wingless Fairy, written under my alter ego Wynter O'Reilly. If you're interested I'll be doing a mini-interview with Jen Campbell about the main characters from the short as well. So stop by we'll have a good ole time.

Link to group-

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