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Author Spotlight Cassie Exline

A dark night. A terrible tragedy. A buried secret.
On the night of her elopement, Julia witnesses a tragedy that spawns generations of secrets. For too long she's managed to remain silent. Only when Julia is unable to carry her burden any longer does she dare confess what she saw that one dark night decades ago…


I picked up a few of the petals and inhaled. It was the same aroma as long ago. The memories washed over me. If I closed my eyes and thought back, I knew I’d see that night as if it were just happening. I’d hear all those sounds. The whippoorwill, the owl and our bodies coming together as Alex filled me with his seed. My eyes closed and I recalled his moans of passion.

“Oh God! Oh! God!” Alex groaned and slammed into me, not stopping until his body had gone still. He leaned down to kiss me. “I love you, Mrs. Harris.”

“I love you, Mr. Harris,” I replied. “And it’s too soon to use Mrs. Harris.”

“Of course, my dear.”

“I expect to hear that phrase being used a lot after we’re married.”

He chuckled. “You’re so adorable when you’re bossy.” He stood and slipped on his briefs.

I leaned back on my elbows and watched him. He was so handsome.

Alex picked up his trousers, inserted one leg at a time and pulled them up. “You keep looking as sexy as you are right now, I’m going to ravish you all over again.”

“If that’s supposed to scare me, it doesn’t.” I squeezed my breasts together and pinched my nipples between my thumbs and forefingers and pulled.

He groaned and licked his lips.

A loud crack rang out. I squealed and noticed a strange expression cross Alex’s face. His mouth formed a perfect O as our eyes met.

I watched in horror as Alex’s hands reached toward me and his knees buckled. From that moment on, things seemed to move in slow motion. His body swayed, ever so slightly, and blood seeped between the fingers of the hand he pressed against the wound in his stomach. I could see the crimson as it trickled down the back of his hand. Then he pitched forward and fell on top of me. My screams seemed to echo in the air as I held him. In seconds, everything had been turned upside down.

“Guuunnn,” Alex muttered.

My mind was numb. It hadn’t registered we were being robbed. I knew Alex kept a pistol in his boots. He had shown me how to use it, although I never thought I would have to pull the trigger. I reached toward his boot.

Blog owners two cents- This is a beautiful story of love, murder, and secrets. At first it was a little hard to follow but once you get the flow, it’s ok. The description is very well done. Bring you right into the book. I have to admit after reading the first couple chapters I saw part of the ending coming, but part was also a great twist.

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Tomorrow-Myself and some other LPI authors will be at Infinite Possibilities

October 28th I'll be at the LPI chat room from 1pm-2pm EST

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Now available Mistress of Tiethla

My new erotic fantasy Mistress of Tiethla is now available from Lyrical Press.

Limits are tested in a world of magic.

One woman's life and everything she's known is turned upside down when she's transported to a world of magic, dragons and seductive men. Alex's arrival coincides with a Draconi prophecy, one proclaiming a savior and promising peace.

Will she test her boundaries and become all the realm Tiethla needs, or will she submit to her fear and return home?
Warning, This title contains: menage a trios, F/F, foursomes, mild dominance.

by Jade Twilight
Genre: Erotica/Fantasy Length:
Novella Price: $3.50
Publication Date: October 20, 2008
Cover art by Renee Rocco
Excerpt 2 (R)
Alex shook her head. “The Mastive? Is that a title, like a king or lord?”
Duncan leaned toward her till he was inches from her face. Alex couldn’t help it when her eyes focused on his lips and the rough stubble of his jaw and cheeks.
“He is a very, very powerful man. More powerful than any king or lord ever before.”
“Oh,” Alex breathed as he leaned back. She had to close her eyes and shake her head to get rid of the vision of his lips on hers. Never had she been so attracted to anyone this fast before.
“May I ask you a few questions, Alexandria?” She nodded. “How is it you know our language?”
“I studied languages. Yours is similar to one from a country in my world.”
“Ah. What were you in your world?”
Alex ran through her head trying to figure out a word to describe studying and digging up old artifacts. “A historian.”
Duncan laughed, his face broadening with a smile, which lit up his eyes. “You are too lovely and well formed to be a historian. They do nothing but write and read dusty tomes.”
Alex smiled, blushing. It wasn’t often she was complimented. “The ones from my world are only slightly different.”
He chuckled again, studying her. His hands moved of their own accord, reaching out and pushing a hair off her forehead. When she didn’t pull back, he leaned forward and kissed her tentatively at first. When she returned the kiss, he deepened it.
Alex’s heart sped up as Duncan kissed her. What the hell was she doing? This wasn’t like her. Kissing some guy she’d just met not more than a couple hours ago. Then again, who would know, other than her and Duncan? What happens in Tiethla stays in Tiethla.
Duncan’s hand crept around to the back of her head, tangling in her hair. She parted her lips and teased his, toying until they parted and she could slip inside. Duncan groaned as she taught him a whole new way to kiss, tongues wrapping around each other. Alex shifted, pressing her chest against Duncan’s.
He pulled her head back, breaking for a breath as lust-filled blue eyes met green ones. “Alexandria?”
“Alex. Call me Alex,” she breathed, reaching down to pull off her t-shirt, revealing a tank top underneath. Duncan grinned and began taking off his own clothing. Alex reached over, grabbing him as their clothing hit the floor of the cave. Duncan’s hands roamed over her backside as she pressed against him, his hard cock brushing in between her legs. Slipping her arms around his neck, she pulled him into another kiss. Slowly Duncan lowered them to the floor of the cave, laying her on their shed clothing.
His hands moved from her back to massage her breasts. Alex arched into him as his battled-hardened skin touched the sensitive area of her nipples. Duncan’s member brushed her labia, and she realized this was her first time with an uncircumcised man.

Monday, October 20, 2008

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Author Spotlight- Kat Haeske


Werewolf Kieran McManus is living the high life until his play-boy ways get him captured by Sir Edward Lawrence, the most sadistic and cruel of all vampires. Kieran is tortured to the brink of death and insanity, saved only by his ability to leave his body.

Unable to break him, Sir Edward calls in another weapon. The new male vamp is as beautiful as he is cold. With his dubious gifts, he could break the captive with ease if he chose. When he doesn't, Kieran and his unlikely savior must battle their own worlds and themselves to survive.


It was night.
I soon found out, when the fucking Brit came in. I, in shackles in the middle of the room, tried not to feel my wrists burn.
And with him was someone else. Someone different.
The man was odd, off, and simply different and fucking-as-hell beautiful.
Six-foot-two or -three, but not as heavily muscled as I am. His skin was marble perfect, a touch of gold, with pale lips and white-gold eyes, platinum eyes. Yes, fucking platinum-colored, like finest Glenlivet whiskey. His hair was so pale, I thought it was gray, but as he stepped into the light it turned out to be such a pale shade of blond that it was almost silver. It hung down to his arse, flowing like silk in some non-existent breeze.
Can you hear the angels singing?
By the way, I’m South-American-highway straight, just for the record. I don’t do guys, because they do nothing for me. And this guy was cold as a diamond.
Not as ice, no; no shards of ice could ever achieve the sharp perfection of his face, the finely cut angles of those cheekbones, the exotic tilt of his eyes, or the sharp borders of his lips that were so perfectly pulled into a sardonic smirk.
Nothing. Ever. Could.
Only diamonds were so cruelly perfect, as rock-steady, uncaringly beautiful as he was.
Up until then, everything Edward had done had happened above the waist. Which, I’ll be honest, was a surprise, given his reputation for pretty men and a firm young arse.
Time, obviously, was up. Diamond shrugged out of his velvet tunic the moment he stepped into the room, and revealed a body as perfect as his face. Slender, sleek, sexy, silken. He had those well-toned muscles, not heavy, just Greek-godlike. And pierced nipples. Platinum hoops, go figure.
I was in a panic, but then I calmed myself. Whatever they did, I could leave, and I would leave, never to come back. There was always a last retreat, one that was so deep within they couldn’t block it.
After I don’t know how many days, this guy taking off his shirt in front of me did it.
I was ready to die.
I looked into his eyes and, shit, this is one of those things you can’t describe to anybody who’s never stood on a mountain top in the Highlands. The wild parts, without the roads or cabins the humans seem to build with alarming frequency. No, the pure, untouched Highlands, where the wind sings to you, caressing your face, like a beloved long-lost brother, who is gentle and caring and, at the same time, sharp, cutting under your skin the way only someone so close to your heart can.
You can’t understand what his eyes were like if you’ve never crouched next to a mountain rivulet, almost dying of thirst and watched the crystal clear beauty run over your hands, knowing the first sip will make your head explode with pain and, at the same time, resurrect you with its innate essence.

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Very first author spotlight- Cindy Jacks

Cindy Jacks worked for ten years in the corporate arena, but left the bored-room at the age of thirty-three for a more fulfilling existence. Two years later she is happy to be a full time writer. Her characters are usually strong women with a dash of neurosis. Recurring themes in her books include the sensuous qualities of food, older women with younger men, and pushing the boundaries of traditional femininity.

She lives in Northern Virginia, a stone's throw away from Washington, DC. When not writing or chasing after her four year-old son, she makes jewelry, practices belly dancing, and experiments with international cooking.

Visit her online at or and drop her a line at

Point of Distraction the First Collection Blurb:
So many men, so little time…Ana's been driven to distraction. First in a series of four collections.

Welcome to the world of Ana Welsh, a thirty-something executive with money, a good career, and good friends. The last piece to the puzzle is a good man. Come along with her through the first three of twelve "episodes" featuring new challenges and often, a new lover.

Meet Miguel, Latino bad-boy and musician who twelve years Ana's junior. Siempre Mia follows the couple as they indulge in a night of glamor, sex, and decadence, but what does Ana do when he starts pressuring her for more than their casual relationship?

In Business with Pleasure, Ana crosses paths with Jonathan Locke, a polished businessman from the UK. He's smart, funny, and has a taste for the finer things…especially Ana. A comedy of errors conspires to keep them from consummating their passion for each other.

The final story, Games People Play, Ana happens into an altercation on the street. Darcy Jameson comes to her aid, strolling in like a hero from a B-movie. This white knight quickly proves to have sexy dark side Ana can't wait to help him explore

Adult Excerpt:

The Point of Distraction the First Collection Adult Excerpt

From Story Three: Games People Play

I did as he asked, watching him tie what appeared to be boxing hand wraps to the outer posts of the bed. Once I was positioned on my knees, arms stretched out before me and my ass propped in the air to give him full access to me, he secured the ties around my ankles, leaving no slack in the line. I was unable to move, other than thrust up, down and backwards, but then again, what other movements would I need to make?

Darcy ran his hand down my shoulders, over my back, and traced the round form of my buttocks, which were poised and eagerly awaiting his next move.

“You are a beautiful woman,” he murmured in a deep voice I had never heard before.

“Thank you.”

I felt his hot breath come closer to my nether regions and then his hot, wet mouth was on me. His tongue ran the entire length of my under side, moving from my clit up to the dimple where my ass and back met. I felt as though I might burst as he repeated this motion over and over. Squirming against my restraints already, I longed for him to plunge into me.

“You taste so good,” he groaned.

“Wouldn’t you like to be inside me?”

“And I will be, but not now.”

I pushed my ass further into his face, needing release for the heat building up in me.

“You are an impatient young lady.” He laughed, rubbing my backside with his hand. “Let’s see if I can cool you down a bit.”

I heard him rustle with something behind me and gasped as he pushed an ice cube inside of me. He covered my opening with his mouth, licking and sucking as the cube melted, giving me an exquisite sensation of fire and ice.

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We've got a new look!

So as you've probably noticed I've given Jaded Vixen a face lift. I'm also going to start offering spotlights to erotic authors, and posting more information about my erotic works. But don't worry I'll still be posting the reviews, book and toys, when I can.