Thursday, June 25, 2009

Writing Challenge Update #4

I know this is once again late. I forgot I'm sorry. My latest tally typed words a big fat 0. Why did I say typed? Because I've written everything out long hand in a notebook so truth is I have no idea how many words I've written. Since it's supposed to rain/ thunderstorm today I'm hoping to get some of it typed. No promises though.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Writing Challenge update #3

Ok I forgot to post yesterday. Ya'll can spank me later.
I had to take my daughter for kindergarten screening and then do some errands. I couldn't believe the stuff they wanted kids to know BEFORE they entered school. I used to think that, that was what school was for teaching kids, but now not so sure.
Any way update 104. Which is kinda sucky, but I finished a short I've been working on for a awhile. So it's not so bad. While it wasn't on my intended list of works, my muse seemed to want to work on it and I figure as long as I'm writing something. Now it's back to rewrites from hell. Another short that's got serious issues. If I hadn't magically managed to get it contracted I'd throw the damn thing in the trash and be done with it. But I did and that means fixing it till the pubs happy. Somebody shoot me... Please!
Ok Final tally for June- 1269

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Writing Challenge Update # 2

No I didn't forget I've just been very overwhelmed today. My daughter had her front four teeth removed yesterday and is still not feeling quiet herself and my son is very cranky. So this will be quick. I've wrote 690 since the last check in so that means total I'm at a whopping 1165 so far. Yeah I suck, but in my defense I didn't get any writing done at all Sat because we renovated the bathroom and of course nothing yesterday because we were at the dentist.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Writing Challenge Update 1

So it's Wednesday and as promised my first update on the writing challenge 475 words. Talk about a slow start I had dreams of being at at least 2k today. On the plus side at least I am writting again. Guess I need to be realistic with two kids, house work, and every thing else I have going on it's amazing I got that much written.

Which reminds me, if your not busy tomorrow stop by the eXcessica yahoo group around 1pm EST to chat with me and some other great authors. I'll be talking about my eXcessica release The Wingless Fairy, written under my alter ego Wynter O'Reilly. If you're interested I'll be doing a mini-interview with Jen Campbell about the main characters from the short as well. So stop by we'll have a good ole time.

Link to group-

Monday, June 1, 2009

Writing Challenge

I signed up to do a writing challenge with a few of my fellow Midnight Seduction Authors, 25k in 30 days. Why? Well... (she replies looking down at her feet and kicking at a loose pebble) because I need a kick in the pants when it comes to my writing lately and I'm hoping this will do it. The challenge starts today and I'll be checking in here with my stats every Wednesday and then on the 30th to let you know if I did it or not. Here's the low down of what I hope to get done this month.

5k- Short for anthology
5k-Vampire Short another anthology
10k- Finish Paranormal Full length
4k- Free Read
1k- Rewrites(I hope this counts)

So that's my 25k hopefully I'll be able to do it. Feel free to cheer, jeer and harass me.