Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Out with the Undead Released

My new Novel Out With the Undead Released today... I think it was supposed to have released yesterday but it was Labor Day here in the states so we we're being lazy. Or at least I was. Any way here's the low down on Out with the Undead.

Out With the Undead

Genre: Romance

Digital ISBN: 978-1-61650-188-4

Length: Novel

Digital Publication Date:
September 6, 2010
Cover art by Valerie Tibbs
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This is what happens when three women's lives become hopelessly entangled.

Brigit has dealt with being one of the few female Guardians all her life. Now she's asked to help train another woman while dealing with her Charge, Liam, and the changes he's going through. To add to her workload, she  needs to help Hunter, a female in her employment. Brigit pushes her own needs and wants to the back burner until they are almost boiling over. Liam wants her, but it's against the rules. Edward can give her the normal life she wants, but is he all he's cracked up to be?

To call Hunter's home life crappy is an understatement. Only after discovering everything she believed about herself is a lie do two men turn her world upside down. Driven to the brink of sanity, she needs to learn who she really is.

Regan's service worker job never prepared her for her duties with the pack.. Traumatized vampyre victims, creatures who become children when hit by sunlight, and werewolves are just a few things she must learn to deal with. But she's not sure what to do when a vampyre wants to make her his mate, and she falls for her lycanthropic boss.

Content warning, vampyre ménage a trois, explicit sex, harsh language, violence

Mac and Sean kicked in the door to the old rundown mansion. In the dim light a dog stood
growling, hackles raised, teeth bared. A shot rang out. The creature fell with a whimper and
resounding thud. The Pack filed cautiously into the entrance hall, flashlights flicking quickly from
one dark corner to another.
The dog unexpectedly leapt for the nearest man’s throat. He held the dog at bay with his gun
as it clamped down on to the barrel with its teeth.
“Get those lights in here!” someone shouted as the double doors at the end of the hall burst
open. A small group of about ten zombies shuffled toward them.
Bright halogen lights flooded the room. The dog crumpled to the floor, turning to dust. The
zombies shrank back as a few of the front members crumbled into a fine powder. The Pack opened
fire on the milling crowd. When the sound of the gun fire finally died away, the only thing left was
ashes. Piles littered the floor, small particles filtered through the air.
As it settled enough to see, the front four members of The Pack started forward again toward
the double doors with the lights close behind. Inside the room stood a young looking woman and
man. As the lights filled the room, the woman began to scream and smoke, as if on fire, then fell
to the floor writhing in pain. Several shots rang out, hitting the man standing beside her. He gave
them a loathsome look, then disappeared in a mist.
“Magee,” Mac called, pulling off his mask as the cleanup crew took over the scene.
“Yeah, Boss,” came a muffled woman’s voice from the back, by the front door.
“Get up here.”
Magee pushed through the cleanup crew to where Mac stood. The dust and smoke cleared.
A girl lay where the woman had been.
“So she was an old one.” Magee took off her mask and ran a gloved hand through her short,
spiky, copper-colored hair before pulling a hat over it.
“Yeah, so was the other one.” It always made Mac wonder why such a pretty little thing
would want to work for the council. Her classic Irish features, paired with her tall slender stature
made her more suited to modeling than chasing down renegade vamps, or in this case, Day Walkers.
Which could be worse: they were the older vampyres. The males were harder than hell to kill, and
the females turned into children when hit with halogen light or real sunlight.
The halogen lights, when using just a quartz bulb instead of a normal one, had the same
amount of ultraviolet light as sunlight. It was what actually killed the vampyres. Day Walkers,
however, had a bad habit of draining their victims, turning them into zombies. Thank God there
were only a few of them and they stayed underground, until lately.
* * * *
Magee hefted her duffle bag and walked into the room. Slowly, she approached the little girl
curled up under the woman’s clothes.
“Sweetheart,” Magee said softly. The girl looked up at her. “Are you all right?”
“I want my mommy.” Tears streamed down the child’s cherubic face.
Magee knelt down, her knee settling on something small and hard. She raised her knee
slightly, picking up a small silver cross with a long silver chain. The girl began to cry harder. Magee
slipped the necklace into her bag and pulled out a blanket. She wrapped it around the girl, picking
her up, and then scooped up her bag.
“Hey, Mac, the van here yet?” she called, carrying the girl outside.
“Where’s my mommy?” The girl pulled her head away from Magee’s shoulder.
“Don’t worry, sweetheart, you’ll see her soon, okay?” Magee soothed, looking around for
Mac. She found him on the porch, smoking a cigarette. “Is the van here yet?”
“Yeah, just pulled in.” Mac pointed at a nondescript black van and walked toward it with
her. “Did you see that hell beast?” Mac glanced at Magee, and then looked at the girl. “I still think
it’s the strangest thing that they revert to human children when the lights hit them.”
Magee sat the girl down in the back of the van. “Yeah,” she replied to both his question and
statement, before turning her attention to the girl. “Okay, hon, what’s your name?” Magee asked,
checking the girl’s vitals.

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