Monday, June 28, 2010

Behind the Scenes- Out with The Undead Part 1

Ok so I've never done this with any of my other books, but I'm going to talk about how Out with the Undead came to be. Why am I doing this with this book when I haven't any others? Well because this book is my baby. I've never really thought that way about any other books. While all my books have had a little of me in them this possibly has the most.
I started this book shortly after my daughter was born, she's 6 now. At the time I was dealing with horrible postpartum depression although I didn't realize it. But writing seemed to make everything better. I started two short stories, one was the story of Brigit and Liam. The other Regan- although I wasn't sure where it was going at the time. Most the time I just wrote letting the words flow I had no idea that these two shorts would combine or that there would be a third story. Later I got the idea to purge myself leading the the third story of Hunter.
Originally these had strange origins. Brigit came out as my mothering side, willing to put her life on hold for those she cared about. While Regan was my fun loving side, the side that had become buried while dealing family issues at the time. And finally Hunter was my past.

Hunter started out as a YA, this was way before the Twilight hype. She was seventeen in the first draft and the only love interest was Blayze. Yet he wasn't truly a love interest more of a friend. In that version things were much different and much much much tamer. When I decided to include it in Out with the Undead I upped her age and brought in both guys as love interests. Mostly because I'd grown fond of Julian as his character grew and took on a personality I hadn't expected. Now I should also point out I only wrote about a quarter of their story before adding it to the other two and I didn't consider add Julian as a love interest until the third draft. Yeah this had a lot of drafts.

That's all I have time to write today. I'll write more at a later date.

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