Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Now available Mistress of Tiethla

My new erotic fantasy Mistress of Tiethla is now available from Lyrical Press.

Limits are tested in a world of magic.

One woman's life and everything she's known is turned upside down when she's transported to a world of magic, dragons and seductive men. Alex's arrival coincides with a Draconi prophecy, one proclaiming a savior and promising peace.

Will she test her boundaries and become all the realm Tiethla needs, or will she submit to her fear and return home?
Warning, This title contains: menage a trios, F/F, foursomes, mild dominance.

by Jade Twilight
Genre: Erotica/Fantasy Length:
Novella Price: $3.50
Publication Date: October 20, 2008
Cover art by Renee Rocco
Excerpt 2 (R)
Alex shook her head. “The Mastive? Is that a title, like a king or lord?”
Duncan leaned toward her till he was inches from her face. Alex couldn’t help it when her eyes focused on his lips and the rough stubble of his jaw and cheeks.
“He is a very, very powerful man. More powerful than any king or lord ever before.”
“Oh,” Alex breathed as he leaned back. She had to close her eyes and shake her head to get rid of the vision of his lips on hers. Never had she been so attracted to anyone this fast before.
“May I ask you a few questions, Alexandria?” She nodded. “How is it you know our language?”
“I studied languages. Yours is similar to one from a country in my world.”
“Ah. What were you in your world?”
Alex ran through her head trying to figure out a word to describe studying and digging up old artifacts. “A historian.”
Duncan laughed, his face broadening with a smile, which lit up his eyes. “You are too lovely and well formed to be a historian. They do nothing but write and read dusty tomes.”
Alex smiled, blushing. It wasn’t often she was complimented. “The ones from my world are only slightly different.”
He chuckled again, studying her. His hands moved of their own accord, reaching out and pushing a hair off her forehead. When she didn’t pull back, he leaned forward and kissed her tentatively at first. When she returned the kiss, he deepened it.
Alex’s heart sped up as Duncan kissed her. What the hell was she doing? This wasn’t like her. Kissing some guy she’d just met not more than a couple hours ago. Then again, who would know, other than her and Duncan? What happens in Tiethla stays in Tiethla.
Duncan’s hand crept around to the back of her head, tangling in her hair. She parted her lips and teased his, toying until they parted and she could slip inside. Duncan groaned as she taught him a whole new way to kiss, tongues wrapping around each other. Alex shifted, pressing her chest against Duncan’s.
He pulled her head back, breaking for a breath as lust-filled blue eyes met green ones. “Alexandria?”
“Alex. Call me Alex,” she breathed, reaching down to pull off her t-shirt, revealing a tank top underneath. Duncan grinned and began taking off his own clothing. Alex reached over, grabbing him as their clothing hit the floor of the cave. Duncan’s hands roamed over her backside as she pressed against him, his hard cock brushing in between her legs. Slipping her arms around his neck, she pulled him into another kiss. Slowly Duncan lowered them to the floor of the cave, laying her on their shed clothing.
His hands moved from her back to massage her breasts. Alex arched into him as his battled-hardened skin touched the sensitive area of her nipples. Duncan’s member brushed her labia, and she realized this was her first time with an uncircumcised man.

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