Thursday, October 29, 2009

Teacher's Pet

Teacher's Pet by Wynter O'Reilly
Length: Short Story
Heat Level: eXcess 1

Ian, divorcé and single dad, isn’t looking for love. But his son, Randy, thinks it’s about time. Randy invites his new teacher Ms. McBain over for dinner. Little does he know she was his dad’s high school sweet heart. When Taylor returned home she expected to run into her ex, especially when his son was in her third grade class, but not invited over for dinner.
Will that old flame be rekindled or will the sparks fly?


She didn’t want to disappoint the little guy, but the thought of facing Ian again left her stomach in knots. Especially after the last time they’d seen each other, unbidden her mind flicked back to that day.
On a blanket in the back of Ian’s truck, Taylor and Ian lay locked in an embrace. He sucked gently on her tongue, toying with it, as his hands roamed over her chest. Taylor ran her hands down his back to cup the taunt butt, she loved, through his jeans. A warm breeze blew over her naked chest, as he pulled back looking down at her. There was a lusty, yet loving look in his dark eyes. She smiled seductively, as her hands slipped around to undo the fly of his jeans. His erection sprang out and a groan slipped from his lips as she ran her hand over his silky shaft.
Reluctantly he sat up on his knees, fishing a condom out of his pocket. Taylor took the opportunity to pull her jeans down, laying back as Ian put the condom on. Positioning himself over her, he entered her with a satisfied groan. Gasping as he filled her, Taylor wiggled under him so his thrusts hit just the right spot. Wrapping her arms around him, she held on tight matching his cadence. Ian’s lips covered hers, muffling her impassioned moans.
Their pace reached a fevered pitch, setting the old truck to rocking.
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