Sunday, February 1, 2009

Spotlight Christopher Newman

Chris Newman lives in northeast Ohio with his soul-mate Diane, two sons (Anthony and Brendan), and has five grandchildren (Sebastian, Miguel, Duncan, Keegan, and Nathan). The residence is home to their pet cat Murphy (who is always under foot). Much to Murphy’s dismay Michaeledes the rat peers down from his cage (if only he had a ladder). Michaeledes teases him as Chris writes nearby. Chris is the published author of The Truth About Vampires, and its sequel Rites of the Vampire Cult, as well as “Ghost Lover & Other Erotic Fantasies” an anthology of erotic/horror.

A life-long fan of Robert E. Howard, Richard Matheson, and Stephen King the bookshelves at the Newman residence run the gambit from erotica to horror to spirituality to humor. In fact, Chris hopes one day to inherit a library (or a castle with a library, that’d be nice!). Surrounding his eclectic library is his collection of medieval weaponry, helms, and shields. Woe be to the foolish mortal who tries to invade the Newman home.

You can find out more about Chris at his website.


The women of the Albrecht family are cursed! For nearly three hundred years the hex uttered by a witch being burnt at the stake has stalked them down the centuries. Priests, herbal women, and even Inquisitors have been brought in to stop it from driving the Albrecht daughters to sexual-induced madness on their twentieth birthday. Nothing has worked; not even an uprooting from their native Germany to America has stopped it. Soon it just became an unfortunate fact of life if you are a female Albrecht.

It is present-day and Baron Markus Albrecht nervously awaits his daughter Elsa’s twentieth birthday. For a year he has searched for someone willing and able to halt the hex from driving his daughter as insanely mad as his sister, Franziska. Four days before her birthday he finds Noah Ravenswood, a practicing wizard and learned occultist. Noah, armed with hereditary mystical training by his mother, and Doctor Sarah Bookings his associate, he travels to southern Ohio to do battle with the Albrecht Curse.

But who or what is Noah really fighting? Is it truly a hex or perhaps a power-play by one of the Albrecht sons? Could it be the angry and distrustful Maximilan Albrecht, the eldest son and inheritor of the vast Albrecht Estates? Could it be the playboy Hans Albrecht, trying to dethrone his older brother and wrest control for himself? Can Noah and Sarah unravel the mystery before they become embroiled in the family politics, carnal activities, and deadly games at Albrecht Manor?


William Paterno is dead.

“Mama” Fonti, his maternal grandmother doesn’t buy the coroner’s verdict of a massive coronary. The Italian matron suspects her grandson’s last girlfriend of arcane foul play.

Despite William’s aunt Rosa O’Leary’s protests, she has a friend search the Internet for a reputable occultist. She finds Noah Ravenswood and his associate Dr. Sarah Bookings, occult investigators-for-hire. Trained since birth to battle the fiends of the dark, Noah accepts the task to uncover the truth for Mama.

Why is Carrie Welsh, WXPL’s morning weathergirl seeming to be benefit from the attacks? Is she an innocent bystander, or is she in control of the very thing that is wreaking vengeance against the men who wrong her? Suddenly Carrie is attacked by something fiendish, as other supernatural beings enter the picture.

These infernals, which have no relationship to the death of William Paterno, further muddle Noah and Sarah’s inquiry.

Then there is Rosa, who begins to take an emotional interest in the bald wizard. Her fiery Italian temperament, outspoken opinion, and pointed observations of Noah’s life provide an unwelcome distraction. Can they stop the attacks and discover who’s to blame before more of Niles’ citizens fall under the deadly gaze of the Hound of Doom?


In part 3 of the Ravenswood series, George Dabrowski has a problem, a very terrifying one.

One Texas night he picks up a woman on his Harley on his drive east. That morning she is violently murdered in front of his eyes by a terrible, vengeful spirit.

The bloodthirsty ghost tells him he and his former Marine compatriots are to pay for causing her death in Grenada back in 1983. Running for his life, George gathers together his old squad mates, including one Noah Ravenswood, practicing wizard and occultist. But when the specter traps them in Noah’s shop, he and his associate, Dr. Sarah Booking, have only hours to uncover the truth. What is behind the wraith’s attacks and is one of his old comrades a serial killer and rapist?

Can they solve the mystery before the killer strikes again?

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