Saturday, January 10, 2009

Review for The Beast Within by Kelly Ethan

I bought this out of seer curiosity almost a year ago and just finally finished it. I had actually critiqued this many years ago for Ms Ethan. So I was kinda excited to see if the editors or Ms Ethan had made any changes, as well as the fact that Ms Ethan had gotten this published.

What’s a girl to do when she can’t change into the family wolf and Mr. Beast kidnaps her man? Take the evil on and kick some ass—with or without a furry coat.

Cassidy Quinn, Private Investigator extraordinaire, helps down and dirty humans and monsters of Memorial City…for a price. But when a friend phones with a puzzling medical case, Cassidy knows the big bad has come to town—in the form of a rogue Werewolf out for blood. Making herself known to the new evil, she fights against his web of deceit and lies, battling to save her friends, family and sexy police detective Patrick Logan.

One problem—the beast has targeted Cassidy for his mate and he has the upper fang since she’s stuck in human form. When Cassidy finds Logan an all too seductive distraction, the beast’s anger explodes and Logan is kidnapped by the werewolf.

Can Cassidy find Logan before it’s too late and he becomes the main course?

It's sold as paranormal romance and does have a lot of romance aspects. The chemistry between the main characters Cassidy, a private dick and werewolf with a change issue, and Detective Patrick Logan, the sexy cop, is great. They're constantly being thrown together and you get to watch the sparks and fur fly. There is one semi-erotic scene which is a fantasy Cassidy has, and Ms Ethan has you pulling your hair out when they get interrupted during a hot scene a little later at Logan's bachelor pad.

Ms Ethan also does a wonderful job getting The Beast's essence a crossed. She has a way of getting into the creatures head, showing you his base instincts. The way he thinks he feels about Cassidy then how enraged he becomes when she turns him down due to her feeling, albeit confused feeling, toward Logan.

The story pulls you in with either action or sensual intrigue around every turn, keeping you riveted and wanting to know what will happen, who the beast is and will Cassidy & Logan get together?

If you like your suspense with a little romance this is the book for you.

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