Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Review for Maiden Flights by Margaret L. Carter

Last year for Christmas my mother-in-law bought me a book called Maiden Flights by Margaret L Carter. It’s two short stories in one book, Virgin Blood and Dragon Tribute.
Virgin Blood is a interesting take on the story of Rapunzel. Locked in a tower by an evil witch Rapunzel has never seen a man in the flesh let alone touched one. So when the sexy vampire Alaric appears, she gives in, letting him have her blood and virginity, in return she gets untold ecstasy. But neither take into account what the witch will do when she finds out.
I like the premises of this story it had a solid plot, and while there were a few dull moments no big problems.

Now the problems. In Dragon’s Tribute, Rowena is offered up as a tribute to a dragon who terrorizes the countryside. Well little known to Rowena she’s part dragon herself, and the dragon claims her as his mate.
Over all good idea, the delivery is totally off. The beginnings good, it draws you in, but once Rowena discovers her other half she becomes annoying. The dragon gives her a home, takes care of her, loves her, but she seems to take it all for granted. She wants to go home, which is understandable, but on the other hand these same people left her to die. Even so she decides to runaway.
I have to be honest, I stopped reading here, I couldn’t force myself to finish. All I could see was disaster and the dragon having to save her ass.
Sigh. I guess I just like my heroines to have a little back bone or at least smarts.
On top of this you have the purple prose. Using descriptions like, “the apples of paradise” and “rose petals with a folded bud and honey at the center” left me laughing and just skimming the few sex scenes I did read after.
I’ll understand if you take this review with a grain of salt, I mean I didn’t finish but maybe you can.

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