Tuesday, January 10, 2012

No Longer Writing.

For those who might have been wondering I'm no longer writing, for profit. I'm spending my time focusing on my family and running a small book blog. Which I won't reveal because I run it under my real name and don't want it linked with this one or my pen-name. After dealing with a lot of crap from someone, which I won't get into, I gave up.
Suffice it to say I wasn't happy with where my life was going. How I was living it or what it was doing to my family. I fell into a bad depression and I can finally see the light as the end of a very long, stupid, and dark tunnel. That light is my kids, and husband. I don't feel the need to write like I used to. Perhaps I've managed to purge all the demons that haunted me, dogging me to write their stories. I don't know.
What I do know is that if I do start writing again it will be under a different name. Jade Twilight is no more. She has been used and abused by those she trusted and is tainted because of a certain person, who will remain nameless.
What I can tell you is I'm not the same person who wrote the works on that side bar. I probably never will be and never want to be.
A very close friend, who has seen me through all of my ups and downs, will be posting my works free and those contract, as they end or I see fit, up on smashwords for me. She's also volunteered to help me promote the few contracted works I have left.
For my parting words I have one request. Please DO NOT Purchase any of my works from Red Rose Publishing! The contracts for these have been up for sometime, I have not heard from the owner even though I have attempted to contact her. I've done everything needed to get my rights back per her contracts. Yet she ignores me so I beg you Do Not buy my books from her.
I wish to move on with my life, this part has been accomplished so now I'll see where the journey takes me next. Thank you to those of you who have purchased my books and to those of you who have supported me, authors and readers alike.

Jessie's Dirty Little Secret Now Free on Smashwords

I've decided, with much pressing from a friend, to re-publish my works as free reads on Smashwords. Jessie's Dirty Little Secret is the first. My friend Nanny has taken it upon herself to "help" me with this venture and will be doing promotion for my books as well as her own short stories.
So if you haven't gotten a copy of Jessie now's your chance. Download here.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Review for Out with the Undead.

I received a 5- An Alpha Howl- from Wild About Bones on Bitten By Paranormal Romance for Out With the Undead.  Here's a snippet-

"Fantastic!! What a cool, imaginative new vampyre mythos and paranormal world Jade Twilight has created! The characters are believable and the scenarios plausible. Twilight has combined vampyres, zombies, Day Walkers (older vampyres), hell beasts (animals turned by vamps), latents, a vampyre hunter, werewolves, shape shifters and not one, not two but three romances to create this appealing paranormal romance."
Read the full review here!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

New Reviews

For Out With The Undead-
From Clover Hill Book Review- 4/5

"There's some fantastic twists in this story, along with intermingled plots between characters, especially Bastien and the ladies. There's some really hot sex scenes, as well as a ménage a trois...*phew*, I thoroughly enjoyed this overall." Michelle

From Happily Ever After Reviews- 2.5 Teacups by Hunter

For Sisters In Arms-
From You Gotta Read- You Need to Read By Cassie
"If you're looking for a quick read featuring sassy girls, drop-dead gorgeous hunks, mild bondage, dragons and cat people, all rolled together in one fun-filled romp, this one will appeal."

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Helping in a Season of Giving- Riley's Memorial

I was recently sent an email about a family who loss of their son in a horrific accident. Read more here and here.
Several bloggers are getting together to help the family with the costs of dealing with this blow. I know that a childs death is sad and isn't like a baby with a disease or curing something but it's still just as important. If you son or daughter was killed in an accident what would you do?

These bloggers mostly Mothers themselves are putting together a raffle. Every dollar you donate will be one entry into the drawing for prizes. Stephanie from Babe's Rocking Mami is oraganizing this event she will get an email with your info and the amount you've donated and will email you back to confirm and give you your drawing numbers. When the auction ends tentatively on the 15th of January, possibly the 31st.Winners will be drawen random.org. I hope to have more details on the auction in the next few days as more sponors get back in touch, between the weekend and weather people are taking longer to get back in touch. Decide to give up your morning coffee to Riley for a day and you give $5 to a deserving family and get five entries to win some cool stuff!
At the time I'm writing this the donations we have to auction off right now are:
$10 Gift Card to Bath & Body Works
$25 Gift Code to Steph’s Rockin Bakery

$50 Gift Code to PinkCherry.com
and Jules Out Loud is donating a crocheted teddy bear
Project Mommyhood is donating a lovey from Noahs Baby Boutique
A Dust Bunny in the Wind is donating a $15 Gift Code to her store Nitebyrd’s Nest (she must have known what I liked)
Eden Fantasys is donating $100 Gift Code thanks to Jenn (blogger relations guru)
Jaded Vixen has offered two of her racy e books (you know us ladies love racy) on her blog under either pen name.
If you can't donate then help by SPREADING THE WORD! Post the banner below on your blogs or websites to help.

Thank you!

Friday, November 19, 2010


I'm co-sponsoring a giveaway on Getting Naughty Between the Stacks and I was overly generous when I decided to do so. You can get a copy of my new book Out with the Undead, both of my Mistress of Tiethla books and Teacher's Pet by Wynter O'Reilly.